"Things" on my iPhone 3G

Well after trying all of the GTD apps for the iPhone, I have finally settled on “Things”.  At 9.99 on the app store Things comes in at about mid-range in price.  The desktop version of “Things” is free for now and will be 49.99 by the end of this summer.  I tried all of the free GTD apps and even went as far as to buy the holy grail of GTD apps “Omnifocus”.  While “Omnifocus” was a robust GTD solution for the iPhone it was hampered by the fact that in order to sync you had to have two things.  On, was a mobile me account (Which I have.) and a beta copy of the new desktop version of “Omnifocus” for the Mac.  There is a non-beta version of “Omnifocus” but it does not sync with the iPhone app.  Not with standing the fact that you have to shell out another 79.99 for the desktop app after paying 19.99 for the iPhone app, I like “Omnifocus” but beta software is never a trustworthy system as depicted by the GTD methodology.

As far as “Things” is concerned, it is not quite as robust as “Omnifocus”, but it certnly does what it promised, including following the GTD methodology.

I will post a full review of things by the end of this week to follow-up this post.


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