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Apple Watch Saves Blind Man’s Life

Hi all, looks like the Apple Watch has proven to be a really great piece of assistive technology for the blind. And I couldn’t agree more!!

How to Make Videos Accessible for Blind, Disabled Users | Practical Ecommerce

“A video is a compelling option when you want to demonstrate a product or show off its features. But a video can cause accessibility challenges. They aren’t insurmountable, by any means. Overcoming them requires planning, to ensure disabled shoppers can access.”

Screen grab of accessible player

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Ben Heck’s PS4 Accessible Controller

Ben uses a third party playstation 4 controller, a Hori Horitpad FPS Plus, to create a Playstation 4/Playstation 3 accessibility controller. Although he has ten years of experience building accessibility controllers, Ben’s avoided PS4/PS3 accessibility controllers in the past because their circuit board design makes it difficult to modify..

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Leave the libraries alone. You don’t understand their value.

Being one who works at a library, this article moved me even though the institutions are separated by an ocean.

Blind man drives around Daytona Speedway |

Awesome, just awesome. Everyday I come to work there is something new going on in the work of technology.  When something related to the visually impaired comes up I am all over it.  This is one of the coolest videos you will watch today.  The suggest by the NFB that blind drivers will be able to hit the road in 10 years is amazing in and of itself.  Sounds like an ambitious plan, for now I will remain mildly skeptical.

Blind man drives around Daytona Speedway |