Dropbox Invites To Give Away


I have been using Dropbox as a Mobileme’s iDisk Substitute for cloud storage mainly because I use the Mac GTD app Things.  The purpose of Dropbox in this context is so I can sync across several Macs by pointing Things at the Dropbox folder on each Mac. The suggestion came from the Cultured Code Things forum that I give Dropbox a try, and it works like a charm.  Without any question this is the best iDisk alternative.  You can check it out at http://www.getdropbox.com if you like. And Dropbox has created a snappy iPhone web interface to boot. Unfortunately it is an invite only beta at this point, so….

I have 9 Dropbox invites to give away.  First come first serve.


24 comments on “Dropbox Invites To Give Away

  1. @Nahum Garcia: Your invite is now on the way. Let me know if there is still no invite.

    @Johnyt: Yours was sent earlier for sure, when I tried to re-sent a message came up telling me that I already invited you. So give it a little time. Maybe it got filtered out to a junk mailbox or something.

    I am not sure if I get to reclaim invites that do not get acted on. If I do @johnYT I will send again. I hope it shows up for you. Let me know if you are still not getting the invite.


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