Robert Scobles’ thoughts about Zune vs. iPod

I respect the thoughts of Robert Scoble, and have to say I agree with him on many points regarding this hot topic. Below is his post that has made news lately.

My thoughts about Zune vs. iPod « Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger: ” October 26, 2006

So, you’ve seen the Zune video. Here’s my thoughts about whether Microsoft is going to be successful.

I’ll come at it from a number of different angles:


Box design: good. As good as iPod.
Look and feel and overall hardware quality: good. As good as iPod. I actually even liked the brown one a lot.
Screen: better than iPod.
Hard drive size: worse than iPod.
Features: mixed bag, we’ll get into that below.
Price: in the right neighborhood.
Marketing: unknown, but Apple has set such a high bar that I doubt Microsoft can even get close.
Software experience: unknown.
Updateability: better than iPod (if I were Apple I’d worry about this).
Conversationality: (Does it cause a conversation). Here Apple wins with the white headphones hands down.
Integration: beats the iPod cause it works with Xbox.


As an edge case, IE, someone who tries all the latest stuff and gets excited about a lot of it, the Zune abjectly fails”


To Further the discussion, David Caulton a Zune contributor had this to say about the Scobleizer’s comments comparing the Zune and iPod.


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