Podiobooks.com Is Amazing.

I am a huge fan of audiobooks.  The free ones, like a free cup of coffee are the best.  I was watching ‘Internet Superstar” and heard about a great author who is offering his serialized audiobook on line for free through a website called Podiobooks.  I thought as an avid audiobook listener it was worth a look.  Let me tell you, this is an amazing audiobook site full of excellent work under the creative commons license and totally free (donations optional).  I am listening to two audiobooks currently, ’65 Below’ and ‘Infected’ and loving them.  When you sign up for an account, you subscribe to the audiobook(s) of your choice from the catalogue, and then select how often you want a chapter delivered to your itunes account (or other podcatcher) in the form of a podcast.  I have mine set for every three days.  Check this site out if you love audiobooks like I do!

By Andrew Daley Posted in Web

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