Nano’s Become Accessible

First a little about me.  I am visually impaired and work in the Assistive Technology field.  When I heard that the new iPod Nano was going to have spoken menus I almost fell out of my chair.  This is the one feature that has eluded blind and visually impaired iPod users since the beginning of the line resulting in hacking the iPod to put a Linux distro on it that does this same thing.  As a visually impaired Mac user, I say thank you to Apple for making this monumental step in what I consider to be the right direction.  You can read a great article on TUAW about this ne feature here if you are interested.  Me I am very happy about this.  I would be really, really happy if they rolled this feature out to all iPods, and the iPhone via the new 2.1 firmware release on Friday.


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