Joost Invites To Give Away

Apparently Joost is not as popular as I thought… Or, I spend to much time one the net compared to those I associate with. I have asked all of my friends if they would like a Joost invite, and the most common response is “What is Joost?” from the look of absolute horror on my face in response to this people ask “what is wrong?” To that I say “am I the only person plugged into the Internet?” I realize that it is just series of tubes, but dang… Joost is everywhere in the space isn’t it? Anyway, I have two invites that expire on the 22nd, and am now offering them to the first two posters to this comment.



7 comments on “Joost Invites To Give Away

  1. Sorry, the two invites I had are know gone. If I get a couple more I will post them here. Bamboutch, you will be the first to get one.



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